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Etching Print Making

Nasiri Graphic Studio- Baghdad.

Rafa Nasiri (1940-2013) the prominent Iraqi artist, painter, printmaker, designer and art mentor, opened his private studio for printmaking in Baghdad in 1987, The Studio practiced its activities with the assistance of his previous students who Nasiri personally . In 1991, aftermath of the second Gulf war, Rafa Nasiri left Baghdad to teach art in Yarmouk University in neighbouring Jordan. The Studio was run by one of his assistants until 1997 when his nephew Muhanad Al Nassiri, architect and artist, started to run the studio. With his good skills in printmaking, personal relations and creative ideas, he injected new life in the rather stagnant activities. He widened the scope of graphic production by inviting leading Iraqi artists such as Ismail Fattah, Mohamad Muhridin, and Nazar Al Hindawi, to name some, encouraged them to produce etchings, monotypes and undertook the printing process. Until 2003 the Studio went on producing and promoting printmaking despite the difficult living situation under the international embargo imposed on Iraq (1990-2003) , all these Etching prints done by Muhanad Al Nassiri